Charlotte Filbert is a painter currently living and working in Charleston.  Charlotte received her B.A. at Santa Fe University of Art and Design in 2004, and has since lived and worked in numerous sites including Maryland, Montana, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, New York, New Mexico and Rhode Island.  Charlotte works on numerous paintings simultaneously, jumping around to each canvas one color at a time.   Her work has been featured in publications including Vanity Fair, Hamptons Magazine, House and Garden Magazine and recently Charleston Style and Design. Charlotte’s work is in numerous private collections including those of celebrities and art collectors.  In 2008, Charlotte’s large format oil paintings from her “Displaced” series were included in the show “Young Blood” at New York’s Opera Gallery.  Throughout the last 10 years, Charlotte has completed a vast array of work that promotes change in various social, economic, spiritual, and environmental issues.  Although each work and series creates a dialogue about or for a particular idea, each new body of work builds and expands on commonalities from her previous work.